2014-2015 Scientific groups

The sub-committee on the Scientific Groups headed by Santhya  received six  proposals.  The Council members unanimously supported the following four Scientific Groups:

  1. i) Fertility ideals and intentions in Asia
  2. ii) Urbanization and internal migration in Asia

iii) Demography of Asian migrants and diasporas

  1. iv) Pathways to Adulthood in Asia: Filling gaps in what is known about sexual and reproductive health.  

The chairs, members and proposed activities of the four approved Scientific Groups are as follows: 

Scientific Group (SG) titles

SG Chair and institutional affiliation

SG members and institutional affiliation

Proposed activities

Fertility ideals and intentions in Asia

Stuart Basten

Oxford University, UK

Zheng Zhenzhen, CASS, China

Minja Kim Choe , East West Centre, Hawaii

Minna Säävälä, Väestöliitto, Finland 

Nazar Shabila, Hawler  Medical University, Iraq

Two workshops and promotion of a network of scholars working on fertility ideals and intentions.

Urbanisation and Internal Migration in Asia

Salut Muhidin

Macquarie University, Australia

Kailash C. Das; IIPS, India

Aree Jampaklay, IPSR, Mahidol University, Thailand

Tommy Firman, BIT, Indonesia -

Yu Zhu, Fujian Normal University, China

Take stock of the state of knowledge of cross-national analyses of urbanization and internal migration in Asian countries. Two workshops are proposed that will focus on the conceptual and technical issues in cross-national analyses of urbanization and internal migration in Asia.

Demography of Asian Migrants and Diasporas

Yaghoob Foroutan 

University of Waikato, 

New Zealand

Graeme Hugo, University of Adelaide, Australia

Aris Ananta, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Jacqueline Leckie,  University of Otago, New Zealand

Fei Guo, Macquarie University, Australia

Maruja Milagros Asis, Scalabrini Migration Center, Philippines

Two regional workshops

Pathways to adulthood in Asia: filling gaps in what is known about sexual and reproductive health

Shireen Jejeebhoy

Population Council,  India

Lou Chaohua, SIPPR, China

Mahesh Puri, CREHPA, Nepal

Meimanat Hosseini, ANU, Australia

Maria Midea M Kabamalan, University of Philippines, Philippines

Philip Guest, IPSR, Mahidol University, Thailand

Two seminars:

i)   Unintended pregnancy among the young: correlates and consequences

 ii) Role of gatekeepers in facilitating young people’s transition to adulthood.