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News and Announcements 

APA Special Announcements

Announcement of the 4th Asian Population Association Conference - Online Submission Now Open Updated on 29/06/17

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Call for Sessions: World Social Science Forum 2018Submission Deadline 1 September 2017 

Call for Abstracts: Global Conference on Intergrated Care 2018Submission Deadline 15 September 2017 NEW 

Call for Abstracts: The 4th Asian Population Association Conference (APA) | Submission Deadline 30 September 2017 APA

Call for Papers: Asian Extremes: Climate, Meteorology and Disaster in History Submission Deadline 17 October 2017 NEW

Job Vacancies

UNESCAP, Republic of Korea: Intern, Environemnt Affairs | Application Deadline 30 September 2017 

Centre for Family and Population Research, NUS, Singapore: Multiple Positions for a Large-scale Research Project Entitled "Building Human Capacity in Singapore's Population" Until the positions are filled

UN, Cambodia: Intern - Human Rights | Application Deadline 6 February 2018 NEW


Forthcoming Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences around the Region


Asian Population & Demography in the News

Population Live

On Patrol with South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team.

South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world. In Suicide Watch we follow Hyung-Geun Suh who is the Captain of the Yeoudio Water Rescue Unit. His unit is responsible for rescuing people who are attempting suicide by jumping into the Han River. His team faces the stark reality of life and death on a daily bases as they jump into the cold waters of the Han river. Sometimes to rescue a person, sometimes to recover a body. 
Click here to watch the video. (by VICE)