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Announcement of the 4th Asian Population Association Conference, 11-14 July 2018 - Online Submission HERE Updated on 25/08/17

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Call for Abstracts: The 4th Asian Population Association Conference (APA) | Submission Deadline 30 September 2017 APA

Call for Abstracts: Annual International Conference of (eng)aging! Submission Deadline 15 October2017 

Call for Papers: Asian Extremes: Climate, Meteorology and Disaster in History Submission Deadline 17 October 2017

Call for Papers: Journal of Population and Social Studies | Submission Deadline 31 October2017 NEW

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UNESCAP, Republic of Korea: Intern, Environemnt Affairs | Application Deadline 30 September 2017 

UNFPA, Myanmar: International Consultancy- Census Coordination Support for Myanmar Population and Housing Census | Application Deadline 2 October 2017 NEW

Department of Demography, University of California, Berkeley: Assistant Professor in DemographyApplication Deadline 10 October 2017

UN, Cambodia: Intern - Human Rights | Application Deadline 6 February 2018

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Population Live

She is My Son: Afghanistan's Bacha Posh, When Girls Become Boys

In patriarchal Afghanistan, women’s rights are severely restricted. Female family members are expected to stay at home and take care of the children. They have little access to education, and are discouraged from getting a job. It’s a society that condemns women who play sports, and even leaving the house without a male relative by her side can land a woman in hot water. To take part in some of the most mundane activities, women still often need permission from a male or to be supervised. This is why, in families where men are in short supply, parents sometimes appoint one of their daughters to play the male role. The practice is called Bacha Posh, which literally means “dressed up as a boy”. Girls in this role wear boys’ clothes, have close-cropped hair and answer to a boy’s name in the street. They get the freedoms that men in Afghan society enjoy at the price of their true identity. As they grow up, however, most go back to behaving like women again: they get married and must comply with the traditional restrictions women face. For girls who have tasted freedom while posing as boys, it is particularly difficult to readjust to the behaviour expected of Afghan women. For this reason, some girls decide against going back to following female rules, preferring to remain Bacha Posh instead. RT Doc met some of the Bacha Posh of Afghanistan, and they all had very different stories to tell. Amena’s parents decided that she would be the boy in the family. She doesn’t enjoy her status but has to help her father with his work. Fazilya has been raised as a boy since birth and knows no different, while Asiya consciously chose the male role to gain more freedom. To hear more of the stories Afghanistan’s pretend boys have to tell, watch the full documentary.
Click here to watch the video. (by RT Documentary)