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News and Announcements 

APA Special Announcements

Announcement of th 4th Asian Population Association Conference NEWEWNW

Congratulation to Professor Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Director of the National Institute of Population Research (Iran) and Former APA President

APA Scientific Group on One-Belt-One-Road Strategy: Implication on Population Dynamics and Socio-Ecological Impacts NEWNE

Job Vacancies

National University of Singapore: PhD Research Scholarship Opportunity 'Family Dynamics in the Development and Maintenance of Behavioural Addiction' Application Deadline 31 March 2017

Seoul National University: Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students | Application Deadline 31 March 2017

UNFPA, Jordan: Programme Specialist, Gender Based ViolenceApplication Deadline 5 April 2017

UNDP, China: International Consultant - Gender and Climate Change Programme Development and ReportingApplication Deadline 11 April 2017 NEW

United Nations University, Japan: Scholarship for PhD programme - Institute for the Advanced Study of SustainabilityApplication Deadline 28 April 2017

UNFPA, New York: INTERNSHIP Programme at UNFPA Headquarters | Application Deadline 31 December 2017

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Call for Abstracts: Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights | Submission Deadline 31 March 2017 NEW

Call for papers: Asian Population Association (APA) Scientific Group on One-Belt-One-Road Strategy: Implication on Population Dynamics and Socio-Ecological Impacts | Submission Deadline 1 May 2017

Call for Papers: Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) | Population and Social Issues  | Submission Deadline 31 May 2017

Asian Population & Demography in the News

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Population Live

Population aging, the product of increasing longevity and lower birth rates, has profound implications for business, government, civil society and individuals across the globe. Asia includes some of the world's most rapidly aging populations. While aging presents significant health, financial and social challenges, an understanding of the opportunities created by longer lives is emerging. Retirement is being reimagined as older adults turn away from age segregation and mass leisure to continue their work, launch businesses, pursue new education and purposefully contribute to their communities. A longevity economy is developing as markets recognize the demand for products and services for this growing demographic. Healthy, productive and purposeful aging holds promise for strengthening societies, expanding economies, and improving the lives of people of all ages. How can companies and policymakers respond effectively to the changing demographic landscape? How can investors capitalize on the aging shift?

Credit: Clip from Milken insittute