• 5th APA Virtual Conference

scientific programme



The Call for papers contains 14 general themes. The 14 themes are:

  1. Future Challenges of Asian Population Dynamics
  2. Population Census/Survey, Vital Registration, and Big Data
  3. Fertility, Fecundity, Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights 
  4. Mortality, Morbidity, Epidemiology and Causes of Death 
  5. Population Mobility (Internal and International Migration, including Refugees) and Urbanization 
  6. Family Formation and Dissolution, Family and Kinship 
  7. Demographic Theory and Methods (including demographic training)
  8. Population Dynamics, Demographic Transition and Population Ageing
  9. Population and Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development 
  10. Special population groups (Youth, Persons with Disability, etc.)
  11. Population and Economy: Demographic Dividend, Labor Market and Population Policies
  12. Ethnicity/Race, Religion and Language
  13. Others (Education, Wellbeing and Happiness etc.)
  14. Indonesia special sessions (Topics relevant to Indonesia)